{Chopinistic Systems}
What's in a name?

Listening to, and studying F. Chopin's piano music is highly inspirational. He was without doubt a highly successful composer and dedicated pioneer who's works are much loved even now, 150 years after his death.

As a one man band, and one who aims to be in tune with your needs, one can only attempt and hope to emulate these essential characteristics:

Enduring quality. Innovation. Creative genius.

I first coined the word 'chopinistic' after reading the sleeve notes of Dave Brubeck's Time Further Out LP, where the writer was describing the piece in 3/4 called 'Bluette'. It referred to it being a 'Chopin influenced pianistic waltz' Coming after 'It's a Raggy Waltz' I suppose it may seem almost classical, but then not at all in Chopin's style!

The official Chopin archive
Repository of Chopin sheet music

Listen to the wind howl in "Winter Wind". It is breathtaking!

If you believe names are key, what about getting one of these for your car?

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